Two is better than one

soooooooooooo i met jaslyn and stacey on monday for a shoot and all was great! (though stacey was really awkward at first and i kept teasing her + jaslyn was posing at her own and it was a pretty funny scene.) once again i brought my grandma's fake flowers along since our theme was twin + picnic so i thought it would be quite appropriate. jas and i met first to buy some food and picnic mat (but we bought a really cheap table cloth which we were more than happy to purchase.) we then met stacey at the venue and started to hunt for a 'picnic worthy place'.


after all these, i realised how much i dislike editing people and scenery (like too much of greenery) 'cause i cant get the colour right............ ugh. also, the green irritates me. all in all it was fun plus stacey began to relax at the second/third outfit shoot.

 i also realised that i am always complaining during shoots like "omg i better lose weight from walking up this slope." or "omg so hot." or "omg damn tiring la." HAHAHAHAHAAHA i'm such a nuisance.

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