iphone pictures
(from left to right)

1. on the plane / was so happy that thai airline had shows for me to watch + delicious food to eat
2. mandatory i'm-going-overseas! picture
3. i swear, sarongs are so comfortable and easy to wear. i even wore that to sleep.
4. grandma cooking breakfast on my first day there
5. this boy just won't smile
6. my mother called me mad for bringing three cameras with me and i have to agree. it was suchhhhh a chore bringing them around but... they're worth it i guess.
7. mother chit chatting with the neighbour
8. cousins and neighbours......... i love watching/hearing them talk :-)
9. my cousin, Leo

10. grandma and mother having breakfast. both my mother and i fell from the pink stool. it was hilarious like HA HA HA H AH AHA HA when i found her sprawled on the floor laughing at herself
11. my mother told me this girl is very naughty when i told her i wanted to take a picture of her hahaha
12. leo and my older cousin
13. sunset
14. family :-)
15. beautiful lotus flower (for praying) that had me enamoured
16. and of course i had to take a selfie with it
17. if you were to ever go thailand, you have to visit phayao!!! it is really beautiful and they have many cool cafes and restaurants that sell delicious food. i guess we were pretty lucky to visit when they were having the flower exhibition
18. with the cousin whom i often communicate through hand gestures and few thai words haahah

19. in phayao
20. 21. 22. while on the roadtrip 
23. cutest and friendliest dog
24. scene scene scenery
25. 26. bridge that connects thailand and laos
27. sunset

28. roadtrip roadtrip roadtrip (i prefer sitting at the back of the pickup truck)
29. i was a little surprised that my mother agreed to go cycling with me and that was my first and last time when i was staying there. good times, good times.
30. 31. 32. 33. roadtrip <3
34. my mom's friend daughter who was quite friendly and we would often just smile and laugh even though we cant communicate well with each other
35. bridge connecting laos and thailand (it was kinda wow-ish to me)
36. group photo (hahahahaha) we were sitting at the back of the pick up. my mother's friend was quite hilarious 

37. grandma and mother having their breakfast
38. neighbour selling chicken....... backside ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha they werent that bad
39. so.. how do i bathe there? my grandma would boil the water and after pouring it into the black container, we would add cold water (from the green container) and then.. WALAH! we start bathing with a plastic scoop (is that how they call it)
40. best curry chicken noodle
41. yum(i ate a lot there and i checked my weight on the weighing scale frequently too)
42. found one of the most peaceful and beautiful places while we were heading to chiang rai. i was sad that i only found that place when i had already packed my bags and leaving.
43. they have a lot of rice plantations there so it was.. cool????
44. i got a lot of bruises when i was there and i took this pic cos.. i was quite fascinated with the colour of my bruise 
45. this cute dog has the same name as my cousin


erm.... more pictures up soon???????? 

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