Thailand Part II

on the way to the market
Innocent eyes
Feast made for the king
Handful of rainbow
i was in the salon when i saw the rainbow. the salon belongs to my mom's primary school friend and my mom found her by chance. she was so happy to see her she almost teared :-)
Along the road
Too cute to be true
are you in love yet?
banana prata was what i had been eating for the past few days when i was in thailand.
delicious rice in bamboo stick
Stray dog
favourite shot
Stray dog
on the day of the big event in the village
Young love

this week has been pretty hectic and tiring. i often come home (straight after school which ends at about 5pm) and find myself heading to the bed instead of the computer. anyway, i find the camp pretty interesting (though a little boring at times) and helpful. our class is really blessed to have A J as our "teacher" 'cause he took out most of the boring lessons and let us have fun. my classmates were just insane and hilarious when we were playing games. ah, how i love my class.

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