Thailand Part I

isn't it fast that today is already the 3rd of december of 2012? its a good thing that the world hasn't ended. yet. i am still very worried about singapore being flooded by water and i will end up drowning..................... because i am no good swimmer. at the age of 15 closing to 16, i can't even swim properly.  i'm still thinking of solutions to save myself (and also imagine the situation) when the time comes.  trust me, i'm not joking.

oh yes, school starts tomorrow. i can't even.......... argh this is so frustrating. i am going to be 16 year old this year. damn, everything is going to fast.

 since i have a big exam coming up soon (soon as in a few months), i guess i will have to start blogging less. like say, 3 times a week? i don't know....... i really have to stop disappointing myself and everyone who cares about me (and of course, my studies). 

(night flight)
best noodle ever (slurps) we visited their shop as soon as we reached the market near grandma's house. we had their noodles more than 5 times when we were in thailand.
leo and grandma in the kitchen

i like today. today is good 'cause we were all dismissed at 1pm and we had a great time with our new teachers. i like my seating arrangement as well because i am near most of my friends. (but i do hope that i won't get distracted) today is mom's birthday and also my cousin, my aunt and grandpa's chinese birthday. hmmmm we had a feast and now i can't sleep with a big tummy full of good food. nehhheheheheheh

i have a lot more pictures but i will just stick to posting them in the next few posts : )

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